TAKKO Shoji produces a brand Black Garlic from Aomori prefecture,

"Takko No Kuro (Takko's Black)".

"Takko no Kuro" was started that production with a strong belief

"We can make delicious black garlic definitely if we use the best garlic in Japan.

I want to deliver beautiful black garlic which can be proud of."

After repetitive research and improvement through trial and error,

they finally reached to the current deliciousness.

Their philosophy is particular about the safe ingredients and the original tasts,

even if it need any effort.


Aged Black Garlic

"Takko No Kuro"

The self-fermentation black garlic made by only its natural fermentation power with heating and aging raw garlic without any additives.

Black Garlic Paste

Enjoy the fruity aroma and sweetness of black garlic. For arranging or secret flavor to the dish.


Pursue their philosophy

"Takko No Kuro" is only made of bland garlic produced in Takko town using the original method,

which Takko Shoji accomplished through try and error.


In the original process of turning garlic into black garlic,

the distinctive strong smell of garlic is reduced to an unnoticeable level.

A sweetness by increasing sugar in garlic through maturing is a feature of TAKKO's black garlic.

Also, they offer food safety through no additives usage.

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