nanbu noen


Under the company policy of "Supporting Farmers",

Nanbu Nouen enhances the commercial value of vegetables and fruits produced

within Aomori Prefecture by developing and selling new products.


They aim to contribute to the community and Aomori reigion as a company that supports farmers. The Nanbu Town, where there is Nanbu Nouen,

is located southeast of Aomori Prefecture and adjacent

to the western part of Hachinohe City, one of the cities of Aomori.

Belt-shaped fertile plains spread around the coastal area of the Mabuchi River, which flows through the center of the town, and they prosperously cultivate rice and vegetable there. In the Nakui-dake mountainous area, fruit cultivation is flourishing.


In Nanbu town, where mountain, river, beautiful nature and human action coexist,

they respect both the feelings of farmers and that of consumers who receive them

and we pursue better products every day.


Dried Myotan-Kaki

Dried Myotan Kaki using astringent persimmon made in Nanbu town in Aomori prefecture, where is the northern limit. By the unique technology for removing astringent and drying, it make a special one that overturns the traditional image of dried Kaki.

Myotan-Kaki Vinegar

It is rich in antioxidants, mainly polyphenols. Pour it on yogurt, fruits and ice cream. Drink it as a vinegar beverage by diluting with water, milk or sparkling water. It was made without any colorants, preservatives, chemical seasonings.

Dried Nanbu Kaki

Semi-dried Kaki with original low-temperature drying technology, after removing the astringent taste from persimmons. Because of the technique of making dried fruit, sweetness and UMAMI are condenseed, and dietary fiber become about 6 times raw kaki.


Historic Myotan-Kaki

Myotan Kaki, the specialty of Aomori Prefecture, is very sweet,

shining orange-red and has a beautiful shape with few fibers and seeds.


The history of it dates back to Edo era.

The origin of Myotan Kaki is said that a long time ago,

a lord of Nanbu cautiously brought it to the home by his hand on the way back from the Metropolis.


At present, there are many old trees that are over 200 years old,

and it is said that the branch at that time has taken root.

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